Aquarius Horoscope May 2024

The presence of Saturn in your sign only, during this entire month, is predicting the arrival of long-term business proposals, from many corners as per your monthly horoscope May. The divine aspect of Jupiter on your career house indicates potentially strong activities, moving to places, and striking profitable relationships.

The entrance of Venus into the Taurus sign on the 19th of this month, to join the Sun and combust Jupiter, is also blessing you with a far better financial scenario. However, the combust state of Jupiter is not an auspicious transit event for you, to bring blessings in disguise.

Transit of Mercury into fiery sign Aries, after the 10th of this month, is going to bless you with the excellence of brain to work with precision. Monthly horoscope May says that the Sun is coming to your rescue in the second half of this month, to equip you with more power in your hand and authority to enjoy.

Take special care of your food intake and try to avoid rich, spicy dishes to save your digestive system from any kind of trouble. Combustion of Venus in Aries and Taurus signs, during this month, can make the situation more severe to be handled with more seriousness. Mercury will move into the Taurus sign on the 31st of May, to join the Sun, combust Jupiter, combust Venus, and create a rare ‘Yog’ for your benefit.