Aries Horoscope December 2023

  • Mars will be in his own sign of Scorpio starting this month, along with the Sun, suggesting
    a better rapport with your family members and a boost of confidence. Your sign is
    experiencing a very powerful “Raaj Yog” due to the retrograde Jupiter in your sign. Lady
    Luck will be lending you a lot of support and ease of continuation.
  • Due to the unfavorable aspect of Saturn on your twelfth house lord Jupiter, which could
    put pressure on your nerves and cause discomfort, you should exercise caution. Keeping
    a close eye on your spending habits is advised by Rahu, who is currently in your twelfth
    house of expenses.
  • After December 16th, you might have a strong religious desire to ask God for help in order
    to align yourself with the ultimate ruler of your life. To your delight, the Sun is going to
    enter your ninth house of luck, where retrograde Mercury is already present to create
    ‘BudhAditya Yog’ and reveal the lights of spiritual enlightenment.
  • On December 28, Mars will stay to join them, creating a brief “TeenGrahee Yog” that will
    give you the advantage in all areas. However, Venus is providing you with more
    opportunities in your social sector, increasing your face value there, as she transits
    through your seventh house of social reputation.