Cancer Horoscope April 2024

  • As of this month’s fourth, retrograde Mercury is in a combust state, urging you to use caution and verify the veracity of the information in front of you in order to avoid danger. Your income house lord Venus is exulted in Pisces sign till April 24th, according to your April horoscope, which will provide you with excellent assistance from Lady Luck and a wonderful balance in your financial sector to give you peace of mind. On the 13th of this month, the Sun will join Jupiter in His exultation sign of Aries, advising you to make audacious judgments with caution. On April 24, Venus will align with them, bringing about a unique trinity of planets for your advantage. The most auspicious planet for your sign Mars is placed there in Aquarius sign, along with Saturn, till the 23rd of April, to open up avenues for studies abroad.

    A whole new scenario of power and authoritative position may appear in front of you during this month, to elevate your social status. Take calculated risks now to reap the benefit of them later. The presence of Mars in Pisces sign is going to create an ‘Exchange Yog’ with Jupiter, helping you to extract concrete results from the existing set-up of your social as well as professional ventures.