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Cancer Horoscope March 2023

  • Jupiter is your luck house and is allowing you to experience career growth and prosperity. Although universe is offering you blessings, still, you should be careful and avoid over confidence at any sphere of your life.
  • Exulted Venus placed in your luck house is to support you in money matters. It will not be an auspicious transit event for you, because it will bring pressure of expenditures.
  • This transit of planets may create discomfort for you. Jupiter shall help you fetch fruitful opportunities, for your benefit.
  • A major transit is going to take place on 31st of March, when Jupiter will slip into combustion, to become weak for a month.
  • You’ll take care of the friendly atmosphere at home by pushing your personal and professional interests.
  • Order and harmony will prevail until the 16th of December at the latest.
  • Positive news for independent and free spirits: this month they will not have to go hand in hand.
  • Others will have to count on their opinions.
  • Jupiter will affect your personal charm and give you charisma.
  • You will start to care not only for your body but also for your spirit.
  • You will be more aware of your own worth.
  • You will want to gain more knowledge and sign up for interesting workshops.
  • Finishing them will turn out to be much more difficult than you thought, and it will cost you a lot more effort.
  • Your professional development will definitely inhibit you.
  • You will not be overburdened with duties; you will gain time for yourself, friends and family.
    Finances are not good.
  • The planned business will turn out to be risky and not necessarily profitable.
  • You will have to make extra efforts to earn as much as usual.
    It’s only at the end of December that fortune will smile at you and the risk will pay off.
  • You can thank Saturn for that! Love relationships Cancer a little complicated.
  • Up to the 19th of December, you will meet many interesting people on your way, with whom you will compare your current partner.
  • It will not be beneficial to your relationship.
  • Those who want a child should take on planning for it in the first half of the month.
  • Cancer will be healthy and full of energy.
  • He will be socializing and performing as a host of parties and gatherings.
  • He is waiting for a great deal for promising meetings, for which he does not lack strength.

December 2022

Important numbers :

  • 1, 9, 12

important dates :

  • 4, 11, 16, 18, 20

Special note :

  • At work, someone will ask you for help, but be vigilant because you may find that it only uses your heart. Do not let yourself be exploited and do not let your hard work be attributed to someone else.