How To Manifest By Writing Things Down

Down: 3 Step Formula

Have you ever made a sincere effort to create something, yet no matter what methods you employed, nothing materialized?

Have you ever failed to draw something despite your best efforts, days of visualization, and persistence in your vision?

Do you too want to know The Secret Book’s secret to living a dream life?

It turns out that there is a reliable method for achieving your goals with just one easy formula!

Actually, all you really need to know are three simple, tried-and-true procedures that will help you attract everything you desire in a hurry. And I’m going to walk you through the process of drafting a manifestation list, ingraining new beliefs into your subconscious, and practicing effective visualization in today’s post.

At last, you will discover how to step back from your desired outcome and let it come to pass.

Let’s get started if you’re prepared for a lesson that will change your life.


So What Actually Is Manifestation? Can It Actually work For You?


I have both bad and good news, though! Let me state this right away:

Whether you believe in it or not, the Law of Attraction is constantly in effect.

Manifestation is a “magic” process in which you direct all of your purpose and energy toward realizing a dream or ambition.

And it does the trick! It does, in fact! It’s also enchanted!

The term “manifest” has many various meanings, according to The Law of Attraction website, but the most basic definition is “something that is put into your physical reality through thought, feelings, and beliefs.”

Just picture being able to make all of your dreams come true! to be able to use only your thoughts and energy to manifest someone or something SPECIAL into your life!

It seems easy enough, don’t you think? False!

It takes more than just thinking about your desires to be able to bring them into your life through manifestation and attraction.

It requires vitality, emotions, and of course beliefs! Most people don’t succeed in attracting their desires because of this. Their views, emotions, and thinking are not in sync.

In actuality, whether or not your notion materializes depends on your beliefs.


For example, intense attachment, strong beliefs, and a lack of faith can make it difficult to manifest some desires, like getting someone back into your life.

Thankfully, I’m going to teach you a simple, tried-and-true approach today for writing down your goals and manifesting them!

These are the exact 3 steps you need to follow to make manifestation work for you and attract everything you love into your life!


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 How to Manifest By Writing Things Down Step-By Step


Step 1: Write Down Your Manifestation List & Your Exact Beliefs on Those Goals – Clear your Mind  Goal Setting

Okay, so it seems obvious that knowing what you want to manifest is necessary in order to materialize anything at all.

Setting goals is crucial to our lives! It inspires us and offers our life purpose.

I advise doing some self-work if you don’t feel like you have any ambitions in life.

Self work is an important step into recognizing your strengths in order to develop them, & your weaknesses & vulnerabilities in order to improve them.

Self work will connect you to your inner self & will guide you through finding your passion in life, your desires and goals.


Get a New Manifestation Journal

I advise starting with a fresh notebook to use as your manifesting diary.

That is why I prefer to keep it apart from any other journal I use. I really have three different journals: one for my money affirmations, one for my gratitude affirmations, and one for my self-love prompts!

However, I use a unique one for my manifestations because it is just used to write about the things I want to come into my life.

Keeping things apart serves as a significant mental trigger telling me that now is the right time to start my own business and live the life of my dreams.

It excites me and inspires me to do the work necessary to realize my goals.


How to Write A Manifestation List

Using your new manifestation journal, begin by listing all of your manifestations. Incorporate all of your aspirations and what makes you happy.

But how are your manifestations written down? Let’s just begin by listing all of your life’s desires. What goals do you need to reach in order to feel satisfied with your life?

Give yourself permission to jot down ideas and to document everything. Write down your goals, even if they seem too “big” for you. You owe it to yourself.

Remember: there is no big or small for the universe! Anything is possible. You could even manifest something overnight by writing it down.

Some manifestation examples could be attracting love into your life, buying a new house, loosing weight etc. By writing manifestations on paper immediately gives you a clearer picture of what you want from your life and helps you prioritize your desires.


Choose a Goal to Manifest

Now that you’ve written down your manifestations, you can decide whether to begin by manifesting one objective at a time or several.

To try the “how to manifest by writing things down” approach, I would begin with the one item that is most essential to me. But I’m just like that! It’s your choice what to do!

In either case, be sure to adhere to the procedure exactly.


Write Your Goal and Beliefs About That Goal Down

After you’ve set down your objective, go ahead and write your exact views about that particular goal right next to it.

Let’s take an example where your objective is to attract love into your life. After reading this goal, jot down your thoughts and feelings.

You may believe that I’m unworthy of love, that everyone I care about has betrayed me, that I’m not attractive or fascinating enough for someone to care about me in return, etc.

To get your mind and soul clear, put everything in writing. This relieves mental burdens and provides a sense of relief.

Now, you are ready to proceed to the most important step and instill new beliefs in your subconscious mind!


Step 2: Write and Instill a New Belief For Your Desired Goal – Time to Re-Program Your Mind

Examine and Change Your Negative Thoughts Into Positive Phrases

Next, I want you to challenge these unfavorable thoughts that you have previously written and focus on your manifesting blockages.

& then make positive assertions out of all those negative thoughts.

We had the negative belief that we weren’t deserving of love in our example.

Let’s put this to the test: love isn’t based on a scale like deservingness. You have to be willing to offer and receive love in order to experience love.

Willingness, not deservingness, governs love.

We will now change this sentence to read: “I’m happy and willing to give and receive love.”

Write down Your Positive Statement Many Times  – Experience the Feelings

Once you feel completely at ease with your new, changed affirmation, write it down and say it several times. Experience the power and vigor that this affirmation offers.

Imagine that your wish has already materialized each time you type an affirmation.

If the desire you had been longing for had finally materialized, how would you feel? Part, satisfaction, joy, excitement?

As I’ll explain below, there is actually a simple technique you can use when composing your manifestations.

369        Manifestation Writing

In actuality, the 369 manifestation writing technique is quite well-liked. This manifestation method first surfaced in a TikTok video, and it quickly went viral on social media.

But what is this technique exactly? The 369 method, however, is incredibly easy to use and is based on the power of the numbers 3, 6, and 9. “If you only knew the magnificence of the numbers 3, 6, and 9, then you have the key to the universe,”

Nine aids in letting go of negativity and the past, six represents our inner strength, and three represents our direct connection to the universe.

The text on the 369 manifestation suggests the following:

Write down your goals three times as soon as you wake up!

Next, write your manifestation six times throughout the day.

In the evening, write your aim nine more times.

It’s easy, isn’t it? The technique is really simple to use, supports consistency in recording your manifestations, and can help you shift your thoughts and emotions, so it’s definitely worth a shot.

But writing down your manifestation list isn’t the only thing you need to accomplish. You must experience the same sense of fulfillment. And visualizing is necessary to experience such emotions!



Visualize yourself accomplishing your goal! You are already there! Your desire is already yours. How does that feel?

Feel that exact feeling and keep visualizing images that produce

this feeling. Try to vibrate with your vision. Vibrate with happiness, excitement, relief! Hold that feeling!

I recommend doing your visualizations mainly before sleep because then it’s easier to get your subconscious to accept your desire and accept that you have conquered your goal.

Continue with this process every day to ensure that your affirmation is part of your life and your subconscious mind doesn’t question it any more.


Write and repeat your affirmation daily without worrying about how it will happen.


With repetition and disciplined practice you will achieve a feeling of certainty for your desired result. That’s when you know that your subconscious has accepted your desire.


Step 3: Detach from your Desire To Allow It to Happen


Finally what you need to do is to detach.

Detachment is trusting the process and not trying to control how your desire will manifest. Stop worrying and stressing about your desire.

Just know it will happen.

Imagine ordering something online. You choose the product, fill in your info, pay for it and that’s it. You expect it to arrive!

You don’t doubt that you’ll receive it. You are certain you will.


When you detach, you do not detach from your desire. Instead you only detach from the HOW and WHEN, feeling certain that you’ll receive your desire.


When you can successfully detach, you will be able to overcome even the greatest doubts.

Detachment brings with it the peace, serenity, and confidence you need to let go and let the universe do what it needs to do to bring about your desires.

If you believe you can have something, your subconscious mind will show you how to change your actions and habits to become the kind of person who has those things.

This is the only How that is actually your job. You need to become the person that has already reached your BIG desire. To take action and – act as if – you already have what you want.


Why Do You Need To Write A Manifestation List

Making a manifestation list is therefore a major component in manifesting.

Many people ask me how I’ve managed to attract a lot of opportunities in my life.

I have a manifest list, therefore the answer is straightforward. A list of all the things you would like to see occur in your life is called a manifestation list.

It may be anything—finding the love of your life, starting a new career, or seeing the world.

You are putting yourself in a position to achieve your goals and dreams when you put them in writing!

The first step to bringing your manifestations to life is to put them in writing.

It’s a way of putting your desires and intentions out there into the universe.

When you write down what you want, you’re also getting clear on what it is that you want.

And when you’re clear on what you want, the universe can help to make it happen for you.

Can you Manifest Without Writing It Down?

Yes, you certainly can! The only issue is that you have to work extra hard to manage and focus your thoughts.

Initially, writing down your ambitions and goals can be really beneficial as it helps you stay focused. Prioritizing and concentrating your energies and efforts becomes simpler when you put your manifestations on paper.

The most popular methods for trying to manifest without using paper are, of course, repeating affirmations, visualizing your wishes in great detail, and meditating about what you want.

Whether you choose to use paper or not, always keep in mind that the true power of the Law of Attraction is in the mind that believes in it.