Pisces Horoscope July 2024

The presence of Rahu in your sign can create confusion and often this confusion leads to mistakes made by ourselves. Therefore, always make statements or take decisions with caution and patience. Your ruling planet is Jupiter, which also governs your career house and is aspecting your ninth house of luck from the third house, which will help in yielding visible results.

Additionally, on the 12th of July, at 6:58 PM, Mars, the lord of your luck house, will move into the Taurus sign, further strengthening your luck house as per your July horoscope. Hence, there is hope for many tasks to be accomplished, due to your good fortune.

On the 19th of July, at 8:46 PM, Mercury will transit from the watery sign Cancer to the fiery sign Leo. Until the 19th of July, there appears to be an improvement in your financial situation, and the path to recovering stalled or stuck funds seems to be easing. However, it is advised to avoid huge financial transactions.

Those in jobs should not face any difficulties at the workplace and those wishing for a change of place should continue their efforts, as positive news can come at any time. Business people may suddenly receive new contracts from government or non-government institutions; completing these tasks on time will build your new reputation.

It is recommended to expand your network. Your monthly horoscope July says that in terms of romantic relationships, this month can be quite significant. You will meet new people and potentially start new relationships. Those who have been in long-term romantic relationships may decide to get

married. Married life will continue as usual and those who are unwell will experience health benefits. However, it is advised to make a few assertive changes in your daily routine.