Scorpio Horoscope May 2024

As per your May horoscope, your sign lord Mars, Mercury, and Rahu are placed in Pisces sign, in the auspicious fifth house of talents, creating an excellent ‘Raaj Yog’, to influence your income house directly, that will prove to be a great supporting tool for you, to manage financial issues perfectly. Exulted Sun and Venus in the sixth house is another auspicious transit event for you, to bring a blessing in disguise.

You should make your moves with transparency, to minimise the possibility of brewing any uncomfortable situations and stay safe. Combustion of Jupiter, from the 6th of May, is telling you to stay reserved on social platforms, to reduce the possibility of damage to your image and resources.Your monthly horoscope May says that on the 19th of this month itself, the entrance of Venus into Her own sign Taurus, in your seventh house of social repute, will try to increase your influence over people around because it will create an excellent ‘Yog’ with Jupiter.

The less powerful condition of Mercury is asking you to make sincere efforts to carry on flawlessly and act accordingly, to let it go on. The Sun will change His sign to enter your seventh house on the 14th of this month to let you enjoy your social sphere ultimately. You are advised to draw the fine line between right and wrong to make significant decisions regarding your relationships and connections