Virgo Horoscope June 2024

From the start of this month, the Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, and Venus are all in the sign of Taurus, resulting in “ChaturGrahee Yog” and an extremely potent atmosphere surrounding you. According to the June monthly horoscope, on June 14th, Mercury will enter His own sign of Gemini and form “Bhadra Yog,” which will help you advance professionally and attract a lot of good fortune.

‘Yog Kaarak’ planet for your sign Venus is going to be there in your career house, till the end of this month, helping you to receive support from every corner. On the 15th of June, a change of sign by the Sun indicates significant developments to improve your financial situation as well as connection with foreign sources, to provide you motivation and moral boost.

Mercury is in a combust state starting on the 26th of this month, in your tenth house of career, which is advising you to exercise caution when doing any important chores that you completed recently. On June 29, Mercury moves into the watery sign of Cancer, indicating new opportunities for profitable ventures. According to your June horoscope, Saturn is retrogressing from June 30th in your sixth house of competitions, which is expected to provide favorable results from your honest efforts and open up new doors for your enjoyment.