Your Personal Energy

Your Personal Energy

The Ultimate Guide to Your Personal Energy


Ever heard of someone’s aura, personal energy field, or vibrational states, but decided it was too “woo-woo,” “hippy-dippy,” “new-age,” “pseudo-science,” or “spiritual” for them? What happened?
Since the concept of personal energy seems to conjure up negative associations in our minds, a lot of us are ready to brush it off.
People frequently want visual evidence before accepting the existence of anything. especially if you approach things with a more left-brained reasoning. Yet, science frequently has to catch up in an attempt to explain the incomprehensible as the world changes at an incredibly rapid pace.

A paradigm shift is taking place in our world as more and more individuals discover there are problems with the Western medical model and are looking for a more holistic way to view their total wellness and health.especially the state of their minds.

Personal energy and its effects on our environment are among the exciting research topics that are garnering increasing attention.

You’ve come to the correct place if you want to take a more all-encompassing approach to improving your mental health, better control your emotions, and lead a happier, more fulfilled life.

This is the definitive manual on your personal energy, complete with digestible, tangible explanations to assist you in determining whether or not to add this all-encompassing approach to self-care to your repertoire of personal development tools.

What is Personal Energy?


To understand personal energy from a more scientific perspective, we need to delve a little deeper into 12th grade biology.
Biologically, humans are simply made up of trillions of cells.
Cells are the building blocks of all life. They create bones, muscles, tissues, skin, blood, hair, eyes, they make up everything in us.

Science has shown:

When you break down cells to their microscopic level, they are simply made of atoms.
When you break an atom down, they are simply made of protons, electrons, neutrons, and quarks.
When you break electrons, protons, neutrons and quarks down, they are simply vortices of energy moving at lightening speed like little ‘nano tornadoes’ of energy.
In simplest form: Humans are made up of trillion of cells, cells are made from energy therefore we are all simply energy.

Do Humans Have a Personal Energy Field?


Let’s break this down further.

I want you to think of two people you know who fit into one of these categories.
Person 1: You become heavy when you are around them. You’re not sure why, but being around them leaves you feeling depleted, worn out, and as like you’ve just fallen into a pit of despair and pessimism. You feel less upbeat, a little less cheerful, and possibly even depressed after speaking with them.To be honest, we are all familiar with at least one of these individuals.
Person 2: Being with them makes you feel energised, refreshed, and in control. Their presence is contagious; you feel instantly renewed, upbeat, and hopeful as warmth, connection, lightness, and love envelop you.
Why does Person 2 uplift you while Person 1 drains you?

This is a result of the energy that they are projecting into the world via their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors as well as via the way they see the world and themselves.
This, my friends, is the pinnacle of human energy.

How Do Humans Emit Personal Energy?


Our bodies are constantly giving off personal energy.

The heart sends out an electromagnetic field of almost three feet from your body.
This electromagnetic field is created internally from the emotions and thoughts we feel in our bodies and wraps around each one of us.
That phrase, “you are in my personal bubble,” refers to the fact that when someone gets too close, you can actually feel as though they are in your personal energy bubble!

To elaborate further, neurocardiologists—heart scientists—suggest that rather than the other way around, the brain is really controlled by the heart.
Unbeknownst to most people, the heart communicates with the brain more often than the brain with the heart.

What does this mean for you?
Well, depending on what emotion or feeling your heart is sending up to your brain, will impact the different frequency or vibration you are giving off within your little personal energy bubble.

What are Vibrations and Frequencies?

You’ve heard the phrases “positive vibes”, “raise your vibration” or change your “frequencies”.
Before your mind wanders down the path of a stereotypical image of a 1960’s ‘hippie’ spreading peace love and positive vibes – hear me out.
Going back to the science.
Quantum physics tells us when you break anything down to its microscopic foundation – it is energy. The thing about energy is that it is constantly in a state of vibration and these vibrations sendoff different frequencies depending on what is impacting the energy.
When thinking about vibrations, let’s first consider sound vibrations.
Think of classical music versus punk rock. An electric guitar versus a harp. These are all sound energy with very different frequencies. Better yet, think about a dog whistle. It sends off a frequency so high that humans’ senses cannot even pick it up, but the dogs can. Radio frequencies, cell phone frequencies, internet

frequencies – these are just a few examples of vibrational frequencies which are all around us that we are totally unaware of.
Energetic biology suggests humans also vibrate at different frequencies based on what is impacting their personal energy. Think about when your body is tense, in fear, and ready to react — it gives off a much different vibration than when your body is relaxed, present and calm. You can physically feel the different frequencies dependent on your emotional state.

Vibrational States of Being


If you are in a place of guilt, shame or fear you are vibrating under 100, whereas when you are in a place of love and joy you are at 500. He suggests the lower frequency you are vibrating (under 200 to be exact) you are consuming energy, versus if you are at a higher level you are adding energy into the world.

To put this in context, I want you to think of a time where you were feeling really low. Maybe you were grieving, maybe your relationship had just ended, maybe you had a fight with a loved one. You may have been feeling shame,

guilt, fear or anger. In this situation your body was releasing chemicals of cortisol or epinephrine into your blood which creates a different energetic vibration – one that feels heavier – than say if you were in a different state of mind.
Now recall an instance when you were in a state of complete joy. When you are experiencing early love, when you are witnessing your child pick up a new ability, or when you are overwhelmed with thankfulness for all the good things in your life.
Your body causes your blood to fill with various dopamine and oxytocin chemical energy, which makes you feel lightheaded and happy.
These are a few instances of the disparate energy we release into the environment.

The chemicals our bodies release are dependent on our state of mind and emotional heath and these chemicals literally change our personal energy field and the vibrations we are sending out into the world.

How Do I Raise My Vibrations?

In order to raise our vibrations, we have to learn how to move through our emotions in healthier ways.
Our heart and brains control what chemicals our bodies make which in turn controls what energy we are always vibrating at.
So in order to shift from a low vibration to a higher vibration we must become aware of our thought patterns, beliefs and programmed reactions and learn how to move through them in a healthy way.
This does not mean numbing out your feeling and emotions – it simply means becoming more aware of the power your thoughts and beliefs have on your overall health and wellness.

Simply changing their thoughts, feelings, behaviors and personal energy, they can change their overall health, immune systems, neurology and mental health.
This is fascinating and empowering information for all of humanity as it empowers us to take control of our external world by first diving deep into our internal world.
I’m not saying it is easy, but if you are ready to make the lasting changes, are dedicated to your self and ready to take be the creator of your life rather than the victim, then it is something to definitely consider in your holistic wellness practice.

Why Do My Thoughts and Emotions Impact My Personal Energy?


Above, we learned that the heart emits a personal energy field around each one of us at all times.

This human energy field is controlled by our emotions and thoughts. When we are able to better manage our emotions, we are literally shifting the chemical compounds of our bodies which is shifting our personal energy fields and allowing us to live in more coherence.
Coherence as the “degree of order, harmony and stability in the different rhythmic activities within any living system”. In other words when we are able to learn how to manage our emotions, rather than constantly going on a rollarcoaster, we are able to better balance our overall systems – our bodies, our minds and our souls.
To better explain the power of our thoughts, one way to look at how powerful they can be is to consider the placebo effect.
In layman’s terms the placebo effect is where Patient 1 is given the actual drug to help with whatever condition they have
and the Patient 2 is given a water pill. Patient 1 has the actually medicine, while patient 2 THINKS they have the medicine. In many scientific studies, they have found the person with the placebo (the fake pill) will often have similar results to the person who took the pill.
Therefore, suggesting that simply by BELIEVING they were taking the medicine, they were able to create change in their lives. Their bodies physically reacted to their thoughts and helped heal them without drugs.
This is why our thoughts and emotions are so powerful.

How Do I Better Manage my Emotions?

The fact that you are here reading about a more holistic approach to your mental wellness is step one.
The next step in better managing your emotions is to begin to be aware of your patterns and programmed beliefs that you play on replay day in and day out.
Did you know that neuroscience has shown that out of the 60-70 thousand thoughts we have per day, 80-90% of those are the same thought we had the day before?
That means so many of us are playing the same repeating thoughts over and over and over again – whether they are true or not.

Once you begin to become aware of these thoughts then you can begin to work on shifting them.

For every individual this may look different depending on what your personal needs are. This can include going to therapy with a trained professional, getting a life coach, doing the self-education through online learning.
For the people who want to do the self-learning route, you can check out my free download here to help you become aware of your self-limiting beliefs and begin to reframe them when they arise.



Learning about your personal energy field and how it can directly impact your health and wellness is a fascinating holistic approach that must no longer be pushed off as pseudoscience.
What we learned in school 10, 20, 30 years ago is only one perspective, one view and the tip of the iceberg. Just think, when we were in school most of us were taught there were only 7 planets in the universe. Since then they have

found hundreds of planets in our solar system alone– and that is not even considering the vast number of planets in the universe!
As our world evolves and technology continues to develop, the things we once believed to be the ‘only way’ are being challenged. The power of our thoughts, emotions and holistic living is making waves and you don’t need to be a physicist or molecular biologist to understand it and apply
We truly are so much more powerful than we once thought we were and the more humans begin to embrace their personal energy fields and empower themselves to take control of their mental and physical health, the more our society will thrive and grow.
If you are still feeling skeptical, that is okay – you can take it or leave it.
But when I see thought leaders, Nobel prize winners, athletes, millionaires, academics and everyday people harness the power of their personal energy and get results, I am going to investigate further.
The power of personal energy and the profound effects it can have on ours and our futures world is not one to be discounted because our limited scientific understandings cannot yet fully explain it.
I don’t know about you but I’m over being the victim of my life. And if I can shift into a new way of thinking that will take me closer to my dreams, and allow me to be the creator of my destiny, by golly I’m going to try it.
“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is no philosophy. This is physics.”